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About this Section

The Department of Health (DoH) is responsible for the delivery of integrated health and human services that maintain and improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and the Tasmanian community as a whole.  Included in these services are those special arrangements developed to prevent or mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from an emergency.  These arrangements are designed to ensure that the DoH is positioned to effectively meet the health and human service needs of the community before, during and after an emergency in an appropriate and sustainable manner and within the context of the DoH and broader Tasmanian emergency management framework.

In accordance with the Tasmanian Emergency Management Plan (Issue 8), the peak emergency management planning document in Tasmania, the DoH is assigned a range of emergency management roles and responsibilities and is a key stakeholder in the Tasmanian emergency management sector.  The DoH is represented at all levels of government (Australian, State and Municipal) in order to work in partnership to achieve safer, sustainable communities through robust emergency management planning that reduces community vulnerability and fosters community resilience.

Strategic level emergency preparedness and coordination is delivered through the Emergency Preparedness and Response Unit, while Ambulance Tasmania, Public Health Services, Disability, Housing and Community Services, Children and Youth Services, and the Tasmanian Health Service are responsible for delivering the operational effects of emergency management capability across the health and human services sector.

General Information

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