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Welcome to the DoH Health Nexus website

The Tasmanian Department of Health (DoH) Health Nexus website is comprised of identified groups of health professionals, service providers and service users, working together across organisational boundaries to improve the performance of the health care system.

This website was formerly devoted to Clinical Networks in Tasmania but has been redeveloped a number of times as the DoH Health priorities have evolved.

It is expected that spaces on this site will encourage the exchange of information and collaboration between clinicians, health professionals and consumers to coordinate and plan for the efficient use of limited resources.

If you are having issues viewing or editing pages see the Health Nexus Technical Notes page for information.

Getting Started

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Space: Area of Need Declarations
Department of Health Area of Need Declarations
Space: DHHS Emergency Preparedness and Coordination
Department of Health Emergency Preparedness and Coordination
Space: Health Nexus
Home Space for the Health Nexus Website
Space: Kidney Care
Department of Health Renal Unit
Space: Research Governance
Department of Health Research Governance

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