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Site Issues

Any current issues with this site will be advertised to visitors and users through notices placed just under the banner at the top of each page. This will include any forthcoming changes or outages to the site.

See the Help and Assistance page or the Terms and Conditions of Use page for more details about support options when using this website.

Known Issues

(blue star) Breadcrumbs: Breadcrumbs are the trail of links at the top of each page just under the banner. In versions of Internet Explorer prior to version 8 these breadcrumbs stack up down the left hand side of page instead of running across the top of the page. If you are experiencing this problem consider upgrading Internet Explorer or using an alternative web browser.

(blue star) Greyed Out Links: Some links will appear greyed out because they are pointing to locations to which you do not have access. If you believe you should have access consider contacting the relevant staff member for that network, or contact DoH IT Services on 1300 655 564 between 08:30 and 17:00.

Browser Compatibility

This site is an implementation of Atlassian's Confluence and has been optimised for the following browsers. Some features may not work in older browsers:

(blue star) Microsoft Edge or Microsoft Internet Explorer (Windows): 10, 11

(blue star) Mozilla Firefox (all platforms): Latest stable version supported

(blue star) Google Chrome (Windows and Mac): Latest stable version supported

(blue star) Safari (Windows and Mac): Latest stable version supported

See the Atlassian Supported Platforms page for more information. To check your browser version look for the help option which will usually include a link to a page about your browser.

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