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Welcome to our new website. It's designed to get messages, information and updates to you quickly and easily. Information will be gradually added over time but for now please explore the side bar menu and choose your area of interest. 

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Kidney Care Services in Southern Tasmania incorporate three units including Acute Nephrology, Karingal Home Therapies Unit and Nephrology South. The units are day-care facilities which work together to provide renal replacement therapies and support services for people living with chronic kidney disease.

Tick  Acute Nephrology, a six chair in-patient unit, is located within the Royal Hobart Hospital.

Tick Karingal Home Therapies Unit is our home dialysis training centre where we train patients to self manage their dialysis. We have a 10 chair haemodialysis training area and our peritoneal dialysis (PD) service and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Educator are also based here.

Tick The larger unit, Nephrology South at St John's Park, New Town, is an out-patient centre with twenty dialysis chairs.

Tick Kidney patients and their families are supported by a collaborative team of kidney doctors (called nephrologists), specialist nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, social workers, psychologists and renal unit support staff.

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