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If in doubt, please contact Dr Jodi Glading, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, at research.governance@health.tas.gov.au.   

The Department of Health, including the Tasmanian Health Services and Ambulance Tasmania, has contracted the University of Tasmania to provide the statewide Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) services for all research conducted with patients, clients or staff within the public health sector. The UTAS HREC committees operate in accordance with the NHMRC requirements.

Please refer to the UTAS Research Division webpage for more information.

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UTAS Research Division

UTAS Research Integrity and Ethics Unit

PLEASE NOTE:   When submitting the Finance and Administration Form before marking General Medicine please consider if your Research would be better classified as Low Risk.  In most instances, this may be the appropriate category. If in doubt please contact Dr Jodi Glading, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, DoH via the DoH Research Governance email: research.governance@health.tas.gov.au.